Science based comprehensive sex education programs

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The distribution of the Hispanic teen population across states was not normal: Ultimately, expanded, integrated, multilevel approaches that reach beyond the classroom and capitalize on cutting-edge, youth-friendly technologies are warranted to shift cultural paradigms of sexual health, advance the state of sex education, and improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes for adolescents in the United States.

Science based comprehensive sex education programs

Perspect Sex Reprod Health. Clearly, digital and social media are already playing critical roles at the societal level and can serve as platforms for disseminating innovative, scientifically and medically sound models of sex education to diverse groups of adolescents, including sexual minority adolescents [ 14 , 22 — 24 ]. Patterns and correlates of parental and formal sexual and reproductive health communication for adolescent women in the United States, —

Science based comprehensive sex education programs

Science based comprehensive sex education programs

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  1. Meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents in school-based health centers. The expectation is that higher levels of abstinence education will be correlated with higher levels of abstinence behavior and thus lower levels of teen pregnancy.

  2. Research, program, and policy efforts are urgently needed to identify effective ways to harness media within classroom, clinic, family household, and community contexts to reach the range of key stakeholders [ 13 , 14 , 22 — 24 ].