Same sex marriage in china

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All four proposals failed because she was unable to find enough cosponsors for a placement on the agenda. Although the Adoption Law does not ban unmarried people from adopting, if Chengwen and her partner want to adopt a child in China, only one of them will be legally recognized as the guardian of the adopted child, as same-sex couples are not eligible for jointly adopting children. However, the Chinese Government moved to censor any news of the court ruling, not because of the issue of same-sex marriage, but because of the "alleged illegality of Taiwan's Government and courts".

Same sex marriage in china

Chengwen and her partner feel there is simply no way they can experience parenthood in their home country together. It is viewed as an alternative to using the civil code. As of October 24, there were more than , public submissions; the consultation period closes on November 3.

Same sex marriage in china

Same sex marriage in china

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  1. In , supporters of LGBT rights launched a campaign to collect signatures calling for recognition of same-sex marriage.