Royal sex and drugs blackmail

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He was born Paul Adalsteinsson but started to use his mother's maiden name after he became estranged from his father when his parents' marriage broke up when he was nine. The name of the victim has been disclosed on the internet and in foreign media outlets but its publication in Britain is banned by a court order.

Royal sex and drugs blackmail

After the royal tipped off police, a year-old man and a year-old man were arrested in September in a sting operation and each charged with one count of blackmail. A friend said of Strachan: However, unlike the royal blackmail case, the trial was still held in public.

Royal sex and drugs blackmail

Royal sex and drugs blackmail

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  1. A CPS spokesman said last night that the decision is not based on how high profile the victim is, but on the sensitivity of the case. But he became embedded enough in London society to have been a guest at a Christmas party given for staff, friends and acquaintances by the royal figure involved in the alleged blackmail.