Royal scandal sex and drugs

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They could never look at him again without being reminded about how he had failed. The Daily Mail also revealed that the submarine's second-in-command, Lieutenant Commander Michael Seal, 36, has been removed over claims of an extramarital affair with a year-old female engineering officer who has also been taken off the sub. On top of that, it was actually illegal for him to marry a Catholic.

Royal scandal sex and drugs

The pair tried to financially profit by threatening to release details about the victim's alleged drug and sex behaviour. The prince said he would marry Smit next April anyway, and will lose his right to become king. August 22, Getty Images A few days ago, photos of Prince Harry cavorting naked with a blonde hit the web.

Royal scandal sex and drugs

Royal scandal sex and drugs

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  1. Viscount Linley, son of the late Princess Margaret, has been named as the royal at the centre of a gay sex videotape scandal in Britain. The preliminary hearing on December 20 will allow a judge and lawyers to discuss future dates in the court case, prosecutors said.

  2. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, visibly perturbed, went on television to announce that his Cabinet would not submit the couple's marriage to parliament for its approval, a prerequisite for succession to the throne. Ian Strachan, 30, and Sean McGuigan, 40, are being held in custody until they appear at London's Central Criminal Court on December 20 on blackmail charges, prosecutors said.

  3. As the fourth son of George V and fifth in line to the throne, George, like Prince Harry, knew his chances of becoming king were slim and he was freer than his brothers to live the life he wanted to. Four officers, including a captain, have also been removed from HMS Vigilant after breaking the rules forbidding affairs aboard submarines, the Daily Mail reported.

  4. The prince said he would marry Smit next April anyway, and will lose his right to become king. Eventually she relented—but only if he married her.

  5. They tested positive for a prohibited class-A drug, reported to be cocaine, while on duty and are alleged to have held drug-fueled parties while the submarine was docked in the US to pick up nuclear warheads, the reports added. She had a statue of him built and the instructions she left when she died included that she be buried with a lock of his hair, his photograph, and a ring he had given her.