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But even though Captain Philippa Tattersall made military history when she became the first woman to win the coveted Royal Marines green beret yesterday, the only part of the regiment in which she can serve in is the brass band. But even yesterday some found that achievement hard to swallow.

Royal marines sex with navy girls

By then Salmon had moved to Spain with his wife, however he was arrested on his return to the UK in Her father, Clive, blamed sexism in the military top brass for her rejection, claiming they were looking for reasons to stop her succeeding. Her abuser Stephen Salmon, 66, is now serving a four-year jail term for four counts of indecently assaulting her and two counts of indecency with a child dating back to the s.

Royal marines sex with navy girls

Royal marines sex with navy girls

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  1. I congratulate her, but I am neither pleased nor unhappy that a woman has passed the commando course. But it might change in the future when children are involved.