Risk of unprotected hot tub sex

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I'll reprint below some other bathwater questions from the archives. The nearer to normal, the more HIV-fighting cells you have keeping you well and giving you the health and longevity of someone without HIV.

Risk of unprotected hot tub sex

Injecting drugs - Shared unsterilised equipment can carry infected blood. Medications can make it so there is less than a 1 percent chance of transmitting HIV between mother and child during pregnancy and birth.

Risk of unprotected hot tub sex

Risk of unprotected hot tub sex

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  1. Therefore, in order to cure HIV, we need to first find the reservoirs. I've read so many conflicting reports on the internet, and you seem like the most valid source.

  2. HIV cannot be transmitted by: By touching genitals for pleasure with hands or toys, someone is not at risk for becoming pregnant unless there is fresh wet ejaculate that has been recently ejaculated onto their hand or toy.