Research articles about same sex marriage

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A gender-as-relational perspective also draws on intersectionality research Collins, to emphasize that gendered interactions reflect more than the gender of each partner; instead, gendered experiences vary depending on other aspects of social location e. Although the available evidence is mixed, some studies suggest that same-sex unions dissolve more quickly than do different-sex unions Lau,

Research articles about same sex marriage

Same-sex and different-sex couples in the American Community Survey: When gay people get married. First, the number of individuals in same-sex unions is significant; recent data from the U.

Research articles about same sex marriage

Research articles about same sex marriage

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  1. As a result, most qualitative and quantitative studies addressing questions about same-sex relationship dynamics have relied on smaller, nonprobability samples. A gender-as-relational perspective C.

  2. This nationally representative study of adolescents beginning in has followed respondents into young adulthood; respondents were, on average, age 28 in the most recent survey.

  3. In most analyses that use probability samples and quantitative methods, social scientists analyze data from individuals in same-sex relationships e. Attention to gender identity and presentation in future research will lead to a more nuanced understanding of gendered dynamics within different- as well as same-sex relationships.