Rent an aircraft for sex

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Even if riding along with pilots keeps costs down, this type of travel is likely to remain confined to special occasions. But for those who can stomach it, some good deals are just a download and flight match away.

Rent an aircraft for sex

So it's offering up a way to flight-pool. No big slowdowns or traffic jams in the sky. After the cancelation of a series of flights in spring , leaving hundreds of Cubans stranded, authorities began inspecting the plane and discovered that crews were loading excessive amounts of baggage, leading to concerns the aircraft could be dangerously overburdened and unbalanced.

Rent an aircraft for sex

Rent an aircraft for sex

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  1. State airline Cubana, which operated the flight, has had a generally good safety record but is notorious for delays and cancellations and has taken many of its planes out of service because of maintenance problems, prompting it to hire charter aircraft from other companies. Mexican aviation authorities said a team of experts would fly to Cuba on Saturday to take part in the investigation.

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