Rent a man for sex

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You'd be my lover, my plaything," Savin writes that he told her at their first meeting. Andrew Teebay Posing as "Emma", a young woman in need of a place to live, I contacted two men who advertised flats to rent online - promising reduced or free rent as part of a private arrangement. Women are becoming more and more confident and independent.

Rent a man for sex

After realising his comments had been recorded in a sting, the landlord said: You may have noticed this in your own environment!

Rent a man for sex

Rent a man for sex

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  1. To find him, all I had to do was search for housing ads on Merseyside using the free classifieds site Craigslist. One of the men - who was married - described in graphic detail the things he wanted to do the the Liverpool Echo reporter in his 'sex flat'.