Rehabilitation programs for sex offenders

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For rehabilitation to be successful, communities and treatment centres must be prepared to follow-up on the offender's progress long after a specific treatment program has ended. Circle members are expected to assist with daily living needs, maintain open and honest communication with each other and offenders, mediate between the community and the offender, contact self help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and promote a caring and supportive environment for offenders Mennonite Central Committee,

Rehabilitation programs for sex offenders

The community reintegration project is an innovative support group that recognizes both the needs of the victims and offenders. Some victim advocates are skeptical.

Rehabilitation programs for sex offenders

Rehabilitation programs for sex offenders

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  1. Recidivism is another important feature addressed by many treatment programs. But advocates for the millions of women, men and children who have experienced sexual violence are pushing back on any reforms, and 12 states have passed or proposed further restrictions on offenders in the past year.