Registry for sex offenders by state

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Critics say that registries are overly broad as they reach to non-violent offenses, such as sexting or consensual teen sex, and fail to distinguish those who are not a danger to society from predatory offenders. The reason for providing this information is to make it more easily available and accessible, not to warn about any specific individual. The most comprehensive legislation related to the supervision and management of sex offenders is the Adam Walsh Act AWA , named after Adam Walsh , who was kidnapped from a Florida shopping mall and killed in , when he was 6 years old.

Registry for sex offenders by state

Alternatively, some states use multi-tier systems, usually with two or three categories that are supposed to reflect presumed public safety risk and, in turn, required levels of attention from law enforcement and the public. June In , California became the first state in the United States to have a sex offender registration program.

Registry for sex offenders by state

Registry for sex offenders by state

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  1. As such, the registry may contain erroneous information. In other states, all sex offenders are treated equally, and all registration information is available to the public on a state Internet site.