Receptive oral sex odds with condom

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Based on the meta-analysis estimates, we can draw several conclusions: With ejaculation carries some risk, albeit relatively low risk but you need to know that there's some risk associated with it.

Receptive oral sex odds with condom

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Receptive oral sex odds with condom

Receptive oral sex odds with condom

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  1. I would argue that the epidemiologic evidence is actually overwhelming in showing that the risk is extremely low, and I go back to a paper published from the early cohorts.

  2. So, Jeff, do you have anything to add to that? So why don't we start by reviewing what those datasets.

  3. It only stands to reason that it's plausibly going to increase the risk. And before you even think it:

  4. In July of this last year, a group in Spain published an excellent paper from serodiscordant couples, who were heterosexuals, where they evaluated for risks of HIV transmission through unprotected oral sex, and in over 19, unprotected oral-genital contacts with HIV-infected partners, there was not a single case of seroconversion to HIV Slide 5.