Reasons women get bored bed sex

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If all these seem too radical for you, merely juggle the steps leading to the main stuff or include new moves in your foreplay. This will greatly delay though probably not prevent her eventual boredom.

Reasons women get bored bed sex

We come all the way back to the problem I battle with people, mostly men, every day: Being able to have a strong sex drive always relies on a certain level of confidence — and he might be having some confidence issues right now. You never thought you and your partner would become one of those couples that has to schedule in sex.

Reasons women get bored bed sex

Reasons women get bored bed sex

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  1. I experienced this personally. Apart from telling him that you are tuned to the experience, your response can also be a great way to encourage him to do things you like.

  2. This is why this is possible. So every once in a while, be sure to slip into something revealing or at least sensuous — it could be a virginal lacy affair this night and a smoldering black negligee the next.

  3. Whatever the case, his problems are really keeping him from getting into the mood with you. He is dealing with his own personal demons that are only fueling his insecurities and worries.