Real sex in sex scenes

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One of my favorites is preceded by a scene where Jolie gets groped through a chain link fence, and tbh, that was almost as good as the sex scene itself. Porta potties are so arousing — news to me! My favorite sex scene, though, takes place in an outhouse.

Real sex in sex scenes

A handjob brought me to tears! Here are the best queer sex scenes where the filmmakers remembered to put the sex in them.

Real sex in sex scenes

Real sex in sex scenes

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  1. Looking director Andrew Haigh did get his sex scenes right though, especially for this gorgeously realistic and honest moment between two men who meet up over the course of, wait for it, a weekend.

  2. The sex scenes are also very sexy, but also feature a lot of heavy grunting, toxic masculinity, and very, very pale butts.