Quote sex the position ridiculous

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Lloyd and Son, London. A pregnancy outside of marriage for a member of the nobility could be problematic.

Quote sex the position ridiculous

The Yale Book of Quotations contains this important citation. Somerset Maugham many years later in My Lord, these courses must needs undoe your person, fortune, and reputation; … you will loose your most considerable freinds, and at last make your life miserable, and, which is the saddest of all, ruin your own soule; for be confident that those momentary pleasures will have an end, and a sad one to, If you doe not speedily consider your condition, and hartily repent of it.

Quote sex the position ridiculous

Quote sex the position ridiculous

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  1. The Scotsman characteristically summed it up, that "the position is ridiculous, the pleasure is momentary, and the expense is damnable. Her words overlapped those of the joke.

  2. If the saying is misattributed to Chesterfield then it is possible that this background information made the misattribution more plausible to some. Verified on paper [Begin excerpt] Footnote 1: