Questions for the opposite sex

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How many days should a guy wait after a first date to call about a second date if he is interested? Does the way girls dress affect boys? Why or why not?

Questions for the opposite sex

I pull on the side of my eye to get my eyelid all flat and slitty so that I can paint a straight line, then I paint it really slowly it usually gets a little bit wiggly towards the middle, but whatever, then you do a little flick up at the end to make that little cat-eye thing. Why do guys brag so much when they get action?

Questions for the opposite sex

Questions for the opposite sex

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  1. It seems as if guys are lazy and wait for the girls to come to them. What type of music do you love listening to?

  2. Does it seem insane, or like it has some good tips? Should men always have to do such things as call for a date and pay for it?