Psa test having sex night before

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I have changed my diet to some chicken for my meat and fresh vegetables and fruit. Wil it differ if i have sex with a woman or it wil get even worse when i do so?

Psa test having sex night before

But it is important that you should only have it on a 3 Tesla machine, which is the latest technology and is a higher resolution. Sometimes 5 minutes to sometimes half hour not considering the foreplay time.

Psa test having sex night before

Psa test having sex night before

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  1. As such I see two possibilities, one being that the June psa was a faulse negative and should actually have been higher like the december psa and second possibility that December was high because of recent sexual activity e.

  2. Reply Cris L My husband has had many issues with his stomache gor years, pain, diarrhea, kindey stones. I am 69, Healthy do not get up at night to pee.