Pro of same sex marriage

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It is still not universally legalized. Moreover, a gay partner will be able to take refuge in the law when abused physically or financially, or when abandoned without formal divorce.

Pro of same sex marriage

Brain scans show homosexuality is part of who people are. In fact, they may be more stable than heterosexual marriages. I am amazed by the phenomenon of people setting their profile pictures on Facebook in support of marriage equality.

Pro of same sex marriage

Pro of same sex marriage

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  1. A social and legal acceptance at large would encourage homosexual behavior among the next generation and therefore pose a threat to the future of standardized marriages between opposite sexes, and procreation. At the National Review Institute Summit, Doug Mainwaring, a gay panelist spoke the following words, "For a long time I thought, if I could just find the right partner, we could raise my kids together, but it became increasingly apparent to me, even if I found somebody else exactly like me, who loved my kids as much as I do, there would still be a gaping hole in their lives because they need a mom," He further added, "I don't want to see children being engineered for same-sex couples where there is either a mom missing or a dad missing," Same-sex unions will encourage other non-typical unions Another possible threat that a worldwide acceptance of gay marriages arises is that it may give encouragement to those in other non-typical sexual unions, such as those that involve incestuousness, polygamy, bestiality, and the like.

  2. The legalization of gay marriage helps to address this injustice by supporting family stability and validating the worthiness of families led by same-sex couples.

  3. Thus, proposals to legalize multiple-partner marriage should be considered separately from legislations with regards to single-partner marriage. Marriage is a basic civil right and same-sex marriage is a civil right, right along with freedom from employment discrimination, equal pay for women, and fair sentencing for minority criminals.

  4. This also includes signing documents together as a couple and open joint accounts and purchase properties together.