Premarital sex among teenagers in metro manila

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Moreover, the use of contraceptive methods does not seem to be effective enough to avoid unplanned pregnancies in youth [ 19 - 22 ]. The questionnaire is available upon request to the corresponding author.

Premarital sex among teenagers in metro manila

Deep inside, I was thinking, Wow! It is alright to have sex before marriage; It is okay to have sex just for fun if both people involved agree and do not expect a relationship to develop; It is okay to have sex before marriage if it is with the person you are planning to marry; Sex before marriage is alright when safe sex practices are applied like: From shoe seller to empire builder:

Premarital sex among teenagers in metro manila

Premarital sex among teenagers in metro manila

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  1. Despite the resistance from Church hierarchy,education officials want to continue distributing sex education modulesin public schools this year.

  2. But, people in our society today think sex outside of marriage is OK because we have decoupled sex from a duty of care for our sexual partner. They will become aware also on who in the family had the most influence most on their children.

  3. There would be no sexually-transmitted diseases, there 8 would be no un-wed mothers, there would be no unwanted pregnancies, there would be no abortions, etc.