Pre marital sex is a selfish act

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What is it you expect her to tell you when you ask about her past? When we wait until the wedding night, we have a most special gift that has been reserved for our chosen lifelong companion.

Pre marital sex is a selfish act

What is Premarital Sex? Even if this guru quoted verses from his "holy scripture", and if he brandished excommunication and hell, that wouldn't change the fact that his religion is nuts.

Pre marital sex is a selfish act

Pre marital sex is a selfish act

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  1. In other words, that all men must respect those teachings, whatever their religion, because a large part of these teachings don't depend on religion. I see the results of such numbers all the time.

  2. When we mix sex and love, we confuse the concepts of giving and taking. That's the same or worse odds as in Russian Roulette, which is a pretty stupid game.

  3. Efforts to really get to know the person and their likes and dislikes are often hindered when sexual activity starts. God is not anti-sex.