Play by play sex scene

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Another thing with the controls is holding down buttons while navigating menu systems, such as the equipment wheel, and other buttons that have to be held—at least briefly—before getting the response from the system. So far, there has not been any nudity or sexual content, besides a female character walking around in the background of camp with a low-cut top.

Play by play sex scene

The language in the game is appropriate for the situation. Again, it is not gratuitous. You can also drive a knife into your enemies to kill them.

Play by play sex scene

Play by play sex scene

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  1. The contrast from the snowy environment with few wildlife encounters, and then going to warmer forrests with believable animals going about their own lives in herds and realistically responding to approaching humans is mind-boggling. A lot of the violence is what can be seen in some Teen rated games, such as the Uncharted series, but there are occasional scenes that are more graphic, such as the slow motion deaths that show realistic detail of where the person was shot with blood splattering through the air.

  2. For example, the R2 button on the PS4 is used to shoot, but there was a time that I was prompted to use the R2 button to point my gun at some people to convince them to get into a train.

  3. So far, I have seen several shootouts, a fist fight, a dead horse on the ground with its guts sprawled into the snow and urine underneath it, and a decapitated body strung up underneath some train tracks with blood dripping from the body, and guts on the ground. Some characters can be seen smoking as well.