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How do we define what we mean by Pinoy gay blogs? Do not link to social media posts and profiles except for public groups, pages, and events if the post was not made by a public figure. Maybe you just find it amusing.

Pinoygay blogspot

I won't be discussing each blog in detail. No drama from other subs. Regardless of the reasons for liking a particular blog, there are quite a number to choose from and scanning all the blogs to look for those that interest you may be overwhelming.

Pinoygay blogspot

Pinoygay blogspot

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  1. There are a lot of available websites that allow you to set up your own blog like Blogger , WordPress and LiveJournal.

  2. This rule includes self-doxxing - we have no easy way of verifying if you and the owner of the social media account you are linking to are the same person.

  3. Maybe you want an escape from your own life and a short trip to someone else's is a welcome respite. And in many ways, I am glad for this film, if only because it breaks ground from the cliches of local gay cinema always involving macho dancers, prostitutes, and the like.

  4. Rivero's Raymond Fabillar is a non-swishy, unconflicted, self-possessing gay yuppie looking just like the rest of us -- and that's a refreshing face indeed for the queer character in local cinema.