Pennsylvania same sex marriage laws

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The Senate agreed to the motion by voice vote. They believe in the sanctity of marriage and believe and their religious liberty to protect the sanctity of marriage. Corbett, was docketed number 2:

Pennsylvania same sex marriage laws

The bill would have amended the state constitutional to ban same-sex marriage and any substantial equivalent. Supreme Court ruling in United States v. The Pennsylvania Legislature passes a state statute restricting marriage to different-sex couples.

Pennsylvania same sex marriage laws

Pennsylvania same sex marriage laws

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  1. If the gay couples would like to form a union they will have to go to a state that will accommodate them.

  2. Representative Egolf introduced an amendment to this bill that paralleled his anti-marriage bill.

  3. Senator Brubaker requested the bill be laid aside. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania on behalf of 23 plaintiffs—10 couples, 2 of their children, and a widow—seeking to overturn Pennsylvania's statutory ban on same-sex marriage.