Pelvic floor exercises for sex

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Using the technique that you learned in exercise one Savage explains, 'Like all muscles in the body the pelvic floor muscles can perform in different ways. Share How to contract your pelvic floor 'The simplest, easiest, cheapest way to do pelvic floor exercises and the way that's been around for thousands of years is to tighten and release your muscles' says Savage. Try and tighten up your pelvic floor and if you don't feel much movement there, you may already be tensing.

Pelvic floor exercises for sex

But there may just be one more. Lough believes that Pilates can be very useful for many women hoping to train their pelvic floor but adds, 'some women will tell me how they used to leak and since doing a Pilates DVD for six months they feel better and they'll say it's all because of those exercises.

Pelvic floor exercises for sex

Pelvic floor exercises for sex

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  1. You can sit on your hands so that your bum bones are on your hands and then try and slide your bum bones together without clenching your buttocks,' don't forget to breathe!

  2. Use those muscles for some effect, for some fun. This is a great progression from the basic pelvic floor exercises as in real life all our muscles have to work together and we have to do lots of complex movements.

  3. Practice short, powerful squeezes in a row , physiotherapist Amanda Savage says For mid-sex pleasure: