Pay women for sex in wallasey

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The cash will fund a three-year project which will put in place victim-focused support to help sex workers who have already been the victims of violence as well as those who are at risk. Whilst I had been informed by residents that this type of scenario is played out regularly in Sheil Road - it was still quite startling to see it happen with my own eyes. I had identified two women waiting on the corner of Sheil Road and Molyneux Road, with a man next to them who appeared to know them and be part of the operation.

Pay women for sex in wallasey

Speaking to local residents, they informed us that the junction where Sheil Road and Molyneux Road meet appears to be the epicentre of the operations. As well as support - Merseyside Police will use the extra cash to improve the gathering of intelligence on those who inflict violence on the women while encouraging victims to report offences in a bid to bring more perpetrators to justice.

Pay women for sex in wallasey

Pay women for sex in wallasey

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  1. This week the ECHO reported how Merseyside has more street-based sex workers operating in the region than anywhere else in the country outside of London.

  2. Like us on Facebook. Witnessing the scenes in Kensington on Wednesday, it did not feel like a safe environment for these women to be operating in - they looked very vulnerable and it is hard to see how they could be protected if things went wrong.

  3. That is why it is pleasing that Ms Kennedy and Merseyside Police this week announced the new fund, which will be spent on protecting the women involved and helping to bring those who orchestrate this misery to justice.