Other ways to satisfy women besides sex

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Do several sets of 20 to 30 reps per set daily, she says. These changes are unnerving when you first notice them — which is the same time when some men conclude, erroneously, that they've reached the twilight of their sexual careers.

Other ways to satisfy women besides sex

Or men might gently slide well-lubricated toys into their well-lubricated partners. Get to Know Yourself Forget what you see in movies: Many men over 50 often get a firm erection during solo sex but find that a partner's strokes do not achieve the same effect.

Other ways to satisfy women besides sex

Other ways to satisfy women besides sex

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  1. Get Squeaky CleanUse mouthwash and baby wipes. Between kids, work, the economy and other pressures, steamy sex may seem like a fantasy.

  2. However, if you don't feel comfortable asking about embarrassing moments, you can ask about other things instead! Make good use of your hands You can use your hands to ensure that your partner reaches orgasm.