Orgasm stats

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The psychological explanation being if you didn't achieve orgasm it was because you had not grown up. So if a simple device could reveal whether a woman is capable of a vaginal orgasm , would it take the pressure off heterosexual women to perform? She determined the female orgasm is merely a byproduct of the male orgasm , as both sexes share the same genital nerve tissue in the fetal stage.

Orgasm stats

I feel like less of a woman because I can't have an orgasm and I want to so bad. Cosmopolitan surveyed over 2, women aged in an online poll about the female orgasm , and the results were eye-opening.

Orgasm stats

Orgasm stats

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  1. After analyzing data from female volunteers, ranging from 18 to 60, they found about 11 percent said they always have orgasm during intercourse and the same number said they never climaxed. Lloyd's study of 80 years of previous sex research in her book, "The Case of the Female Orgasm," debunked theories that there is an evolutionary reason for the female orgasm.