Oral sex for her pleasure

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Some women have anxiety about how their vulva looks, smells or tastes. Play in new window Download Embed For many women, receiving oral sex is challenging. Curl the tops of your fingers and apply pressure to hit her G-spot.

Oral sex for her pleasure

For Sarah and for most women, their past oral experiences always resulted in a guy nodding to his member, demanding a tit-for-tat. Plus, for most women, the time it takes to orgasm is often longer than the time it takes for their male partner to achieve the goal.

Oral sex for her pleasure

Oral sex for her pleasure

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  1. I have a partner who is good at giving oral sex. Michael says that any direct clitoral stimulation or repeating the same motion over and over again will help get your partner to relax and begin to be turned on.

  2. Feel everything more fully and intensely? A great place to start, recommended by many experts, is talking to your partner about the ways her oral sex experience could be better.