Oral sex and the sponge contraception

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There is a very faint taste but it isn't chemically; you are correct that it is tidier than spermicide and it isn't drippy after the initial Separate your labia with one hand. Some individuals have noticed a slightly salty taste or a mild numb sensation on the lips.

Oral sex and the sponge contraception

The numbness should go away on its own. Do not use the sponge if you have any type of vaginal bleeding. Second, I used sponges twice when they first came out, and both times I ended up with not a yeast infection but with a cervical infection and my pap smear had come out perfectly normal shortly before I tried it, so it wasn't anything pre-existing as far as I know.

Oral sex and the sponge contraception

Oral sex and the sponge contraception

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  1. Insert the sponge no more than 24 hours before sexual intercourse. Slide your fingers around the edges of the sponge to check its orientation and fit.

  2. An estimated 24 out of women who've given birth will get pregnant during the first year of typical use of the contraceptive sponge.

  3. Vaginal irritation or dryness Urinary tract or vaginal infection An increased risk of contracting STIs Toxic shock syndrome How you prepare Before using the contraceptive sponge, read the product instructions carefully or talk to your health care provider. Wash hands before inserting and removing the sponge.