Older men having sex with teens

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Analysis We first calculated weighted descriptive statistics for our sample of adolescent females. Our second outcome, self-esteem, included four items:

Older men having sex with teens

Therefore, a status asymmetry hypothesis suggests that female adolescents who report first sex with an older partner will be more vulnerable to negative mental health consequences than females with same-age partners, but also more vulnerable than females who have nonsexual romantic relationships, whether their partners are same-age or older. Past research has suggested that intercourse with older partners, particularly among younger adolescents, is more likely than intercourse with same-age partners to be nonconsensual or unwanted. Our analytic sample includes 1, female participants who had never had sex at the Wave 1 interview, had valid information on sexual and romantic partnerships and for whom sample weights were available, and had had at least one heterosexual relationship by Wave 2.

Older men having sex with teens

Older men having sex with teens

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  1. Being a victim of intimate partner violence, in turn, is likely to be associated with decreases in mental health among other negative outcomes.

  2. Interviews were conducted in person using audio computer-assisted self-interview protocols for sensitive subject matter, including sexual history.

  3. Mediator variable We assessed whether associations between changes in mental health and the four relationship types were mediated by intimate partner violence.