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Non-uniformed members play a vital role in the operation of the organization. Active applicants are notified by mail of their status.

Offender police sex state virginia west

The Board is active throughout the testing cycle. Applications are retained for one year after the application is filed or after taking action on the application, whichever is later.

Offender police sex state virginia west

Offender police sex state virginia west

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  1. The infractions will be further investigated by the WVSP. Marshals is a great opportunity to enforce laws and provide strength to the state police as a needed resource.

  2. If an application is incomplete or indicates an applicant does not meet the basic criteria, the application is placed in an inactive file.

  3. The state police are mandated with keeping track of their records and information. Applicants seeking admission to the West Virginia State Police Academy as a Cadet Trooper, uniformed member, must undergo competitive examinations as outlined in this booklet.