Ny dept of health study on men sex

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First of all, it is difficult to know how generalizable program clients or survey samples are compared with the overall priority population. Data from publicly funded programs serving individuals who might benefit from PrEP are another possible source of information. Regular testing and prompt treatment can reduce transmission on both the individual and population levels.

Ny dept of health study on men sex

For instance, someone who is virally suppressed fewer than copies per mL and still detectable cannot transmit HIV. With changing behaviors related to HIV risk come changing prevention needs.

Ny dept of health study on men sex

Ny dept of health study on men sex

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  1. PrEP has a crucial role to play in curbing new infections. In position statements advise patients and providers to wait six months after the first undetectable viral load test before considering the patient to be virally suppressed and their virus to be untransmittable.