Not finding out the sex of the baby

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I've talked to people who literally get hives when we tell them we're waiting, because the mere thought of not knowing drives them into a panic. That's a decision that has drawn some mixed reactions and opinions to say the least, but it's one my wife and I stand behind percent. It Pisses People Off I've written about this before but it bears repeating.

Not finding out the sex of the baby

It's already such a magical moment watching new life enter the world, and the fact that I'm finding out for the first time whether I have a new son or daughter just magnifies the moment exponentially. Making people uncomfortable and bucking societal norms is basically a part-time job for me, so the contrarian in me revels in their obvious discomfort. It Will Be A Surprise In this day and age, with text messaging, smart phones, online chat, the internet, and 24 hour news, surprises are pretty rare.

Not finding out the sex of the baby

Not finding out the sex of the baby

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  1. By not finding out the sex, you effectively force people to think at least a little bit outside the box and consider things that are gender neutral.

  2. Some people -- especially the control freaks, Type As, and rabid planners out there -- need as much information as possible at all times.