Norwegian gay men

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Sexual acts compose a language of love and affection, and the protective measures destroy this language. In the series he will explore why the topic is so hard to talk about, where the feeling something is wrong comes from, why people are so shameful that they take their own life, but he will also look at what is GREAT about being gay.

Norwegian gay men

Seventeen of them had had unprotected anal intercourse with at least two different partners during the last year, without knowing their own or their partners' HIV-status. Sexuality then becomes the main way to close contact with others, and this makes them dread changing, and makes them deny the anxiety they feel.

Norwegian gay men

Norwegian gay men

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  1. Yet, he writes, when they walk out the door the label is there — gay. He said it was the website administrator who had removed the link in the first place, no politicians were involved, but when people were offended by the removal of the link, and HomoUKA requested the link back up, they put it back up.

  2. The letter started a chain of protests, first from the organisation Nordisk nettverk for ekteskapet en.