Non sexual intimacy in a relationship

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Every night, express gratitude for one thing your partner did that day — no matter how small the act examples are doing the dishes, grocery shopping, sending a loving text, planning a vacation, a kiss goodbye that morning. Tell your partner what attracts you to them.

Non sexual intimacy in a relationship

It shows her that you enjoy her presence. The thing is, not everyone agrees with the stereotypical belief that sex is the most important aspect of a relationship. In my relationship, it was laying in bed talking about past experiences, taking walks discussing our core values and snuggling on the couch sharing future dreams that formed the bond that is now my happy marriage.

Non sexual intimacy in a relationship

Non sexual intimacy in a relationship

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  1. Neglecting non-sexual intimacy can drive a huge wedge between husband and wife, and that will only lead to negativity taking over that marriage.

  2. It creates an intense emotional bond. After the initial hot and heavy stage that every couple experiences — when you actually shower, shave, and brush your teeth before each date — things naturally cool off a bit.

  3. When is the last time you gave each other undivided attention — just the two of you in the present moment, making eye contact and conversing without simultaneously scrolling through your phone, watching TV or chasing after your kids? See what works for her, and then keep it going.