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Much of this information was gathered electronically, much came from partners including some that use torture systematically , some came from so-called open sources, and much came from people convinced without physical coercion to give up information. Donald Trump believes so. Let's assume that we have the right guy, and that he does in fact know the information that we need.

No sign up sex torcher

Let's assume that we have the right guy, and that he does in fact know the information that we need. The use of torture is never uncontroversial, dividing colleagues, demoralising comrades in arms, and stripping much-needed legitimacy in the eyes of a wary and sceptical public from those supposedly fighting on their behalf. Everybody says they're opposed to torture.

No sign up sex torcher

No sign up sex torcher

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  1. This argument assumes that you have the right person in custody, it assumes that this person actually has the information you need, it assumes that there isn't a better way of getting hold of the evidence, and above all it assumes that torture is an effective way of getting that information. Firstly, there is the cost to the torturers, however little pity we feel for them.