Newleywed couples swap sex on honeymoon

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We always have a code word too. Like most brides I wanted to be enjoying married life with my hubby but felt we couldn't move on properly until I'd proven I hadn't cheated.

Newleywed couples swap sex on honeymoon

Daniel failed his lie detector test. But Lee said their first swinging experience brought them closer together.

Newleywed couples swap sex on honeymoon

Newleywed couples swap sex on honeymoon

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  1. The results revealed that unemployed Daniel had in fact been unfaithful and was guilty of kissing and groping his ex-girlfriend.

  2. They also meet up with their 'unicorn' - a bisexual woman who the couple swing with - once a month as well as occasionally other couples but tend to pair up with couples who they know. The pair had a long distance relationship - he lived in Manchester and she lives in Ashford - until Daniel popped the question over Skype on Christmas Eve

  3. The ceremony went ahead as planned, but while Emma was having her make-up done she received a call from a Jeremy Kyle researcher who asked how the relationship was going.