New york state sex offender registration

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However, this information can change frequently. View the current list. However, if you give information about a sex offender it will be reviewed and processed in accordance with Department policies.

New york state sex offender registration

The proliferation of local ordinances imposing residency restrictions upon sex offenders, while well-intentioned, have made it more challenging for the State and local authorities to address the difficulties in finding secure and appropriate housing for sex offenders; 6 decisions as to the housing and supervision of sex offenders should take into account all relevant factors and no one factor will necessarily be dispositive. Offenders reside in all regions of the State and may have long-established residences in their respective communities.

New york state sex offender registration

New york state sex offender registration

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  1. Law enforcement, probation, and parole officers may more effectively monitor offenders, and service providers may more easily offer transitional services to offenders in these congregate settings.

  2. Although the Department attempts to include only accurate and complete information in the Subdirectory, the Department does not independently verify registration information. Sex offender management, and the placement and housing of sex offenders, are areas that have been, and will continue to be, matters addressed by the State.