New things to do in sex

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So let your girl play a sexy nurse or you play a naughty doctor- the choice is all yours. It is really hard to express in words how much your partner will enjoy this. In fact, it is advisable to take turns.

New things to do in sex

After all, we all need a sexual satisfaction and if you think you need anything from your partner to reach the climax. To make it more exciting, eat some crushed ice or drink warm tea before giving a blowjob. It does not only help you and your partner to take a break from the monotonous life, but it also helps you both to reveal your different sides.

New things to do in sex

New things to do in sex

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  1. But if you keep expecting your sex life to be same as it was 10 years back, then you are definitely making a mistake and spoiling your present sex life.

  2. Wear something seductive — We often ignore this factor, but how you dress up and present yourself in front of your partner is really important. Yes, the same brand that we have mentioned above.

  3. These beads work as a great stimulator for guys and fill their mind with ecstasy and pleasure.

  4. You can turn on your partner in seconds by wearing something seductive. You can also use it while giving your partner a blowjob.