Never mind the sex pistols

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. The lyrics are iconoclastic and yet resonate with relevance even today.

Never mind the sex pistols

Rumour has it that session guru, Chris Spedding, was also recruited to fill out the sound, though Steve Jones has to take a vast amount of credit for the creative process here. McLaren still hoped to sign with a major label, and posited issuing a one-off single with Virgin to increase the band's appeal to the larger record companies. In an attempt to stem criticism over the decision to include all four previously released Sex Pistols singles on the forthcoming LP, Virgin indicated the possibility of an "alternative album" being issued simultaneously, featuring a new title and two new songs replacing "two of the former hit singles".

Never mind the sex pistols

Never mind the sex pistols

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  1. When the overseeing magistrate inquired about his line of questioning, Mortimer stated that a double standard was apparently at play, and that "bollocks" was only considered obscene when it appeared on the cover of a Sex Pistols album.

  2. While McLaren pondered whether or not to sign the offer presented by Virgin Records , he signed a French deal for the group with Barclay Records in early May

  3. Though Jon Savage wrote there were three versions of each track available, Heylin states that alternative versions for only five tracks "EMI", "No Feelings", "Seventeen" and "Submission", plus an "album" mix of "Satellite" existed.

  4. During his cross-examination of the arresting officer, he asked why the newspapers The Guardian and Evening Standard which had referred to the album's name had not been charged under the same act.