Network of sex work projects

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Our regional networks in the global south and global north represent many thousands of sex workers who actively oppose the criminalisation and other legal oppression of sex work. To support this initiative, sign NSWP's petition at change.

Network of sex work projects

Reduce police abuse and violence—The police are often the perpetrators of abuses against sex workers. Criminalizing communication disproportionately impacts street-based sex workers, many of whom are indigenous, poor, or transgender, forcing them to work in more dangerous and isolated locations.

Network of sex work projects

Network of sex work projects

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  1. Right to associate and organise Right to be protected by the law Right to be free from violence Right to be free from discrimination Right to privacy and freedom from arbitrary interference Right to health Right to move and to migrate Right to work and free choice of employment NSWP would also like to draw attention to two recent Human Rights Watch World Reports of and PCEPA was introduced in response to the Canadian Supreme Court ruling striking down previous restrictions that the court deemed violated the rights and security of sex workers.

  2. It recognises that the criminalisation of sex work including the criminalisation of clients allows for human rights abuses and violations to occur, as stigma and discrimination causes sex workers to be deemed second class citizens not deserving of even fundamental human rights. This draft policy is backed up by the findings of country-based research carried out by Amnesty International on the human rights impact of the criminalisation of sex work, and also on the consultation in , which included input from many sex workers around the world—the community most affected by the proposals.