Naturist teens sex on the beach

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I looked up and a 16 year old boy was smiling at me. My legs were shaking and I had a look at his cock which looked tired and was floppy again.

Naturist teens sex on the beach

Carl slipped off his shorts and I wanted to see that cock that went hard for me yesterday. I thought he was a lifeguard but he said he was just visiting with his family who were further up the beach. I felt his rod poking my sensitive clit and he entered me, our juices mixing.

Naturist teens sex on the beach

Naturist teens sex on the beach

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  2. His precum was flowing out very quickly and tasted a bit salty but it made me hornier. I suddenly felt strong arms pulling me out of the sea and onto the beach.

  3. Take a little care with some suncream and get out there. Reproduction in any form is forbidden.