Natural sex pheromone in food

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The hypothalamic GnRH pulse generator: Insect species exemplify one starting point along an evolutionary continuum from microbes to humans that epigenetically links food odors and social odors to multisensory integration and behavior.

Natural sex pheromone in food

Synthetic approach to the neurobiology of behaviour. In fact, it incorporates the hypothalamic GnRH pulse as the epigenetically effected neurophysiological mechanism that links the effects of food odors and pheromones to the secretion of other hormones and to the affects of many different hormones on behavior. Instead, these primal affective experiences are directly associated with reciprocal relationships involving food odors and pheromones in all animal species.

Natural sex pheromone in food

Natural sex pheromone in food

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  1. Collectively, effects on hormones help to extend animal models of food selection and social selection to sexual selection because they involve the same pathway.

  2. Transposon-mediated rewiring of gene regulatory networks contributed to the evolution of pregnancy in mammals. A, Kucharski R, Maleszka R.