National sex offender background check

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Sex offenders must register for 10 years, and sexually violent offenders must register for life. Offenders must register for at least 10 years. Each state maintains its own Sex Offender Registry.

National sex offender background check

An offender who receives a second conviction after November 1, is designated as a sexual predator. Offenders convicted of certain sex offenses retroactive to the effective date of the law must register.

National sex offender background check

National sex offender background check

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  1. Results show offender name, address, offense, count, and county. First-time offenders must register for 25 years.

  2. Offenders must register for 10 years, sexual predators for life, but can apply for relief from registration after 10 years. Persons convicted before this date are not in the registry.

  3. Sexually violent predators must register for life. Information reported varies by state, but typically includes: