Nathan palmer illinois sex offender registry

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Michigan Avenue National Bank, Ill. This impossibility is based on the critical distinction between a term of natural-life imprisonment and that of a term of years, namely, the particular sentences' potential for release of defendant. As this case presents only issues of statutory interpretation, which are questions of law, our review is de novo.

Nathan palmer illinois sex offender registry

Subsection a 2 provides one of these limitations, stating that a person adjudged an habitual criminal under article 33B shall be sentenced to natural-life imprisonment. Turning to subsection a , the Act speaks in terms of a tally of offenses, the summation of which provides eligibility as an habitual criminal: However, we hold that the section a does not apply here, based on the plain meaning of the word "consecutive.

Nathan palmer illinois sex offender registry

Nathan palmer illinois sex offender registry

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  1. The legislature has not made any amendments to the Act or the consecutive-sentencing law in response to these decisions.

  2. Sentences on all subsequent convictions may be enhanced by any two temporally distinct prior convictions. Thus, consecutive natural-life sentences cannot follow in a series right after one another.