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An understanding of movement patterns and activation levels of the surrounding musculature during rehabilitation exercises would allow clinicians to better prescribe these exercises based upon the muscular demands. We also recorded the electromyographic activity of the gluteus maximus, rectus femoris, adductor longus, and bilateral gluteus medius muscles for the concentric and eccentric phases of each exercise. The dominant limb was used for all testing.

Muscle sex video on demand

We did not control the distance through which each participant squatted, as we believed it better represented a clinical setting in which normal interparticipant variability would exist. The participant was instructed to push against the strap, attempting to extend the knee. Peak hip flexion angles during the single-leg squat were smaller for women than for men.

Muscle sex video on demand

Muscle sex video on demand

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  1. To determine accurate electrode placement, participants were instructed to contract each muscle being tested while EMG activity was observed using the oscilloscope. We have begun using this method to study patients for whom meeting a specific range of motion during the performance of the exercise is difficult.

  2. To determine whether lower extremity kinematics and muscle activation levels differ between sexes during closed kinetic chain rehabilitation exercises.

  3. Each participant was allowed to stabilize by holding onto the pole. We included volunteers if they had no history of major lower extremity injury or surgery in either leg and were able to perform the 3 functional tasks being evaluated.