Moms with babies having sex pics

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But really I knew it wasn't that. For me, the decision was never just about saving up the surprise for the big day.

Moms with babies having sex pics

Meanwhile, Facebook already has a facial recognition tool on its US site that will scan photos and automatically identify people based on existing pictures and tags — although it is not currently available in Europe. But what of our children? This excitement is perhaps epitomised in the trend for "gender reveal" parties in the States, where the results of the scan are baked into a cake to be shared with family and friends at a special gathering pink icing for a girl, blue for a boy.

Moms with babies having sex pics

Moms with babies having sex pics

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  1. Once the sex has been pinned down, the name tends to follow and before the first contraction, little Jessica or Jack's first five years are all planned out.

  2. But the biggest surprise of all came the day I gave birth—to our son. We just wanted to be able to imagine our little family in one, five, 10 years' time and instinctively felt that would be easier knowing the baby's sex.