Metal gear solid 4 sex scene

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You can almost hear the Benny Hill music. That uncomfortable wonkiness is thanks to the Sixaxis, the PlayStation 3's motion-sensing controller. This all would be kind of cute if you couldn't do the exact same thing with the supposedly year-old Paz.

Metal gear solid 4 sex scene

Since these are technically bad guys, you're given the option of either subduing the Beauty or outright killing them. See how they shake independently of each other? There's no flimsy justification, no failure state.

Metal gear solid 4 sex scene

Metal gear solid 4 sex scene

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  1. Again there were a lot of fun challenges, only this time they made creepy photography into a full-blown mission type.

  2. One of the only possible exceptions is an unlockable scene in Peace Walker, where you can go to the beach and play grabass with a speedo-clad Master "Kaz" Miller. The photo mode reached its disturbing zenith with MGS4.