Mental retardation sex reproduction rights

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For this particular woman and her family, UNCRPD articles and the apex court verdict do not touch their lives and it is important for people who are preparing or critiquing the RPD Bill take into consideration the day to day reality of women with disabilities. We theorize that clinicians should also remain open to providing contraception to women with ID in order to prevent pregnancy.

Mental retardation sex reproduction rights

This movement uses a rights-based framework that focuses on the human rights, rather than the limitations, of people with ID. Sex education should contain information regarding biological, socio-cultural and spiritual dimensions of sexuality, including cognitive, affective and behavioral domains. Consequently, the June 9 and July 17 orders rejected a literal reading of section 3 4 of the MTP Act requiring the consent of a mentally retarded adult woman in the best interest of the guardee.

Mental retardation sex reproduction rights

Mental retardation sex reproduction rights

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  1. Historically, society attempted to restrict the reproductive rights of adults with ID. Furthermore, if allowed to proceed with the pregnancy, the petitioner would carry the identity of an unwed mother and the child would be a bastard who, in addition to having a mentally retarded mother, would end up growing up in a dilapidated environment with other mentally retarded inmates in a state-run home.

  2. The Australian Senate is currently considering legislation that would ban the involuntary sterilization of minors with ID, as well as providing additional oversight [ 68 ]. For instance, some women with ID may not fully comprehend what is happening to their bodies during pregnancy.