Men use women for sex

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If he only calls you to "hang out" at your place, or to spend some time "catching up" on the couch of his dirty apartment, then he doesn't really want to do anything that doesn't involve your body. Look around you and assess the situation for what it is. Sure, many relationships can start off like that -- you're obsessed with each other, you're always having sex, you're missing invitations to have sex, etc -- but if it's been a long time and you haven't progressed past the sex sex sex phase, then your relationship may not be deeper than that.

Men use women for sex

Is he interested in emotional discussions about his feelings? Again casual sex is healthy and fun if both parties are in it for the right reasons. This is a VERY telling point, so it is worth considering carefully.

Men use women for sex

Men use women for sex

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  1. If he's just into you for sex, then any of your complicated, messy feelings will be a hurdle for him and nothing more.